The Planeswalkers consist of the races:

Each race has 5 Star Generals as followed:
*Drow: Alton
*Gnome: Whomp The Fist
*Changeling: Nox
*Dragonborn: Griv
*Eladrin: Dalgin

The Commander of the Planeswalker army is Zarri’.


The Drow became more vocal about their place in the Society of the Ancients, their rights had been long ago diminished in the Society of the Ancients they were treated as less than equals for quite some time in the Society, though gaining no surport from anyone of the races, had kept the back. Treated as second class citizens from the new human race, though they were not powerful they were cunning, they did whatever to get what they wanted, they wanted control of the Society for good and wanted to be the determining factor in the vote of what would happen to the society as a whole, slowly the Drow began to form alliances with the other neglected races and decided that actions needed to be taken to secure their place in the world. Though the Drow jumped the gun, and proceeded with their plan to remove the humans from the world, and thus the battle was on between the Drow and Humans (dubbed The Skirmish), and much like before the humans showed their power in numbers and allies and forced the Drow out of the Society of Ancients , without the hold of the Drow, the humans took control of the continent, the first miniature battle left a bad taste in the mind of many races and as the years pasted Beau Monde changed into what the Society thought to be a better place a place with more control, Ark was born. Though while the humans held power, some races felt sympathy for the Drow and the Drow conned the races to their side and slowly over years the Society of Ancients was reduced to only a few races. The Drow had started a revolution to try and dismantle the Society and the Society waged war on those who opposed. Fueled with fury the newly formed Planeswalkers waged war on the old Society of the Ancients, who now referred to themselves as the Brothern Core.


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